"Incredible Art Psychotherapy sessions with Vicky - I love drawing so this was the most natural way for me to express my emotions and far more helpful than any other therapy I've experienced over the years.  I've overcome emotional trauma that was extremely debilitating and finally have a new lease of life thanks to Vicky"... review from a lady who received weekly 1:1 Art Psychotherapy sessions.

"Prior to Covid Vicky was providing weekly Art Therapy sessions for my son. She was flexible and wanted to find ways that best worked for him, so we were able to work with his school to enable his sessions to happen there. Vicky's approach is warm, professional and kind. He has really benefitted from Vicky's support. He feels he can be himself, loves the art they do, and he has learnt some strategies that he's transferring - like drawing his feelings and arguing them out to help process his thinking. Would highly recommend Vicky based on our experience"... review from a Mother of a child who had weekly 1:1 Art Psychotherapy sessions.

"Vicky has provided health and wellbeing services to lots of staff in my place of work. The service is always incredibly friendly and professional and I have received lots of great feedback from members of staff who have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found it very worthwhile"... review from the Manager of Staff Development at Neath College.

"My daughter found her Art Therapy Group sessions really helpful.  She felt it was a safe, fun and friendly environment to express her feelings through art.  Vicky was very warm and encouraging and we really hope to join her sessions again in the future"... review from a Mother of a teenager who attended weekly Group Art Psychotherapy.

"After a very long time of building myself up, Vicky made the whole experience of psychotherapy a breeze.  Vicky is very flexible, approachable and very understanding"... review from an adult who received 1:1 weekly Psychotherapy sessions.

"Fantastic sessions, we always look forward to Vicky doing art therapy with us @ PIC" ... review from a teacher at a school where I provide weekly Art Therapy sessions.

"Vicky is kind to me and everyone and that makes me feel good" ... a child's evaluation of his weekly group Art Therapy sessions.

"I enjoy art therapy because I get to do it myself and I can't get it wrong" ... a child's view of their weekly Art Therapy group sessions.

"We all like art therapy as it helps us to calm down" ... a child's evaluation of their weekly group Art Therapy sessions.

"What a lovely warm welcome which put you at ease straight and what a fun and relaxing way of coming to terms with some deep emotions. I've booked for an eight week course in September because i feel this will be really beneficial. Thanks again Vicky and look foward to seeing you soon." ... review from an adult who attended weekly group Art Therapy.

"Really enjoyed my session with Vicky today, it was very relaxing and I'm hoping to explore a bit further very soon. Thank you!" ... a review from an adult who attended weekly group Art Therapy.

'"Just spent a very enjoyable hour at Magnolia Health and Wellbeing trying out the taster session of Art Therapy. Vicky Procter was excellent at providing a really relaxed session. Found it so interesting that I've enrolled for the eight week course starting in September.'" ... review from an adult who attended weekly Group Art Therapy.

"Enlightening - I found that I have realised things about my feelings by using art therapy and the art materials available.  In the time allocated you have no distractions which allows me to deal with my subconscious, which in itself can be surprising and give me hope and comfort" ... review from an adult who attended weekly community group Art Therapy.

"This was different and really interesting.  It enabled me to tap into feelings and thoughts that would otherwise remain suppressed.  It seems quite a powerful tool from a therapeutic perspective and actually feels as if I have dealt with some innermost feelings.  Also, a good distraction from everything else." ... review from an adult who attended a 3 hour taster session for NPT Carers.

"Really enjoyed today.  Vicky was engaging and insightful.  I enjoyed the mindfulness also.  It was a chance to express myself in a non-judgemental way.  Many thanks." ... review from an adult who attended a 3 hour taster session for NPT Carers.